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Don't Like The Elastic Laces?

We chose elastic laces after a customer told us about them. They turn your lace oxfords into functional slip-ons! Not only does it shorten the in and out time, but they stretch with your feet as they expand and contract throughout the gait cycle.

The elastic laces also resist fading and fraying better than traditional waxed cotton laces, meaning they will look new for a longer time.

We recommend using the Berluti knot for all your laced shoes. It's a neat knot that stays tied. This is especially useful for your elastic laces, so you can slip in and out of your shoes without retying. 

Here's what a customer had to say after we recommended the Berluti knot:

The Berluti knot is a winner. No issues with shoe laces coming undone now after two days on a trade show floor.  -Andrew N.

If you just can't get into the elastic laces, we’d be happy to reimburse you for a set of cotton laces. Just send a receipt to For our oxfords, 30 inch (76 cm) is a good length. If that isn’t available, it’s always better to err on the longer side. You can snip the excess, and sear the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying.