Bulk and Family Discount

Hey this is Darius. The Carets CEO

We’ve been talking to many potential customers and we learned that the biggest reason people don’t buy our shoes is the price. Many of you believe deeply in our quality and are saving up for months, or even years. We’re thankful for your faith in us and we’ve worked hard to develop the highest quality minimalist dress shoe out there.

We came up with an idea that can help our more budget conscious customers while ensuring we’re a sustainable business. Right now, I’m taking no salary and putting back all of our revenue into growing the business and keeping our employees happy.

Here’s what Mountain and I came up with. A Friends and Family package of 30% off 4 pairs or more. You would benefit from getting a very steep per-pair discount, and we’d get the benefit of having a bigger order.

If you have any questions, Mountain and I would be happy to hop on a call with you. Just go to our live chat (the golden box on the bottom right hand corner of our website) and we’ll get a time set up.

Save 30% off
4 pairs or more

Ideas to get to 4 pairs:

  • Buy 2 pairs each for yourself and a friend/family member.
  • or
  • Buy 1 pair each for 4 different family members or friends.

How to get the discount:

  • Type in code FAMILY30 at checkout to get 30% off 4 pairs or more.

Length of promotion:

  • This offer is experimental so we’ll keep this offer open for 3 months (ending August 31st, 2019). 

Conditions. PLEASE READ. We don’t want you to be surprised.

No refunds. We can offer exchanges or give you store credit back for unwanted pairs. Most people are good faith actors but there are unfortunately a few bad eggs out there. If we offer refunds, bad actors can take advantage of this by buying 4 pairs and returning 3. This would be very costly for us because we would have to eat the shipping and return costs for 3 pairs.

Most importantly, it would ruin the discount for families legitimately interested in buying multiple pairs because we would then have to pull the discount.

All pairs must be placed under 1 address/account. We want to make sure that these are actual friends and family members, not people posting on Facebook groups for discounts.

30 day return window. This deal already reduces our margins significantly. We had to choose between a deeper discount and a narrower return window, so we chose the former.