Nicholas Pang, Founder, Shoe Director, San Mateo CA

I’ve been writing about casual and dress minimalist shoes for runners since 2011 and a few brands started delivering great shoes in 2013 including LEMs Shoes, VIVOBAREFOOT, and Rockport. But there was nothing that can seriously go with a suit – the VIVOBAREFOOT RA was the closest – VIVOBAREFOOT actually improved on that with theVIVOBAREFOOT LISBON that we wrote about last month. Not until now is there a true minimalist dress shoe for the those with wide feet and looking for something that they can wear at work or special occasions without getting back pains or sore feet from walking or standing around too long. The Primal Professional FER and ZETONE is the holy grail for minimalist runners and barefoot runners. (full review on Minimalist Running Shoes)