Michael Gee, 56, Police Officer, Houston TX

I've had my shoes for 6 months now and while I don't wear them that often (luckily my job does not require it), I have worn them enough to know that they are by far the best dress shoes I have ever owned (56 yrs old). The quality is superb but more importantly, the comfort is simply amazing! I can stand on my feet for hours in these shoes. Not possible with all my other dress shoes in the past. I really like that these shoes don't have the clown-shoe appearance. This was very important in my decision to buy. Another important point for me is that they are made in the USA. Mountain Chang paid attention to details. For example, and this may seem a minor point, the shoe strings stay tied! I’ve had dress shoes, and other shoes in the past, where I was constantly having to tighten up the laces. The shoe strings Mountain chose have a tacky feel to them and they stay tied. Minor, but very much appreciated! There was a very quick break-in period (rubbing under left ankle bone) but, after wearing for two occasions, that issue is gone and the shoes feel great now. Looking forward to the brown colors and hopefully even some casual styles! Thanks for a great shoe!