Jonathan Samuel Townley, 29, Aerospace Engineer, Voracious Reader, Huntsville AL

I currently have two pairs of Cole Haans that I wear when I'm not wearing my PriPros. What I like about them -- about loafers in general -- is that I can slip them off when I'm sitting at my desk and slip them on when I need to go somewhere. Although, if they were more comfortable like the PriPros, I wouldn't have to worry about wanting to take them off. And it isn't really discomfort that makes me take the loafers off. I like going barefoot. I never wear shoes at home. But your Oxfords are so freaking comfy that I don't care if I can't just slip them off.

[Mountain's note: We now feature elastic shoelaces! So now you have the look of an Oxford with the function of a slip-on. They're even better than regular slip-ons, because a slip-on is dead once the elastic is too stretched out. With elastic shoelaces, you can just replace them for a couple bucks!]