"Have You Thought About Shoes for Women?"


I get this question often enough that I wrote this comprehensive email reply. I figured it would be good to publish it here for anyone else wondering. 


Thanks for reaching out! We have a boot that would be unisex in the works. You can see some photos and a bit about them in our newsletter here. Because the boot is a unisex style, we're going to open up more sizes next year, all the way down to US Women's 5. My mom can finally have stylish, comfortable, and healthy footwear!

What do you think? Would this be something you'd be interested in? The price will be in line with the dress shoes, but offer the same value and more: timeless style, timeless comfort, versatility, durability, resoleability, plus winter-ready.

With regards to a more formal style, we'd love to make one but we just honestly don't know what to do. Dressy flats have been around, and some of the other minimalist shoe companies (Merrell, Vivo) have their own iterations, albeit not as dressy. Unshoes had a Kickstarter for their Wildflower Series. If you ask me, these are the cutest I've seen! But it seems like they’re fixing some kinks for it still. My personal faves for something more conservative are the Soft Star Ballerine and the Ahinsa Ananda Ballerina.

Here are some that aren’t advertised as minimalist, but look to be: Tieks, Geox Charlene1.

I'd like to ask, What do you find lacking about these options as they currently exist? And what styles do you like? Feel free to link me to specific examples!

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