Shoes Too Small? (

"Exchange" for bigger size.

Sorry for the fit issues! No worries, we're here to help with all the guidance and solutions we offer you.

How Do Dimensions Change From Size to Size?

One size up = 0.33 inches (8.47 mm) longer, and 0.13 inches (3.3 mm) wider.

Return Option A: Compare Side-by-Side

You can order another size, compare them side-by-side with your current pair, and decide which one fits best. 

Option A is quicker, but you'll have 2 outstanding charges on your credit card until one pair is returned.

Return Option B: Return Now, Refund and Reorder

You can return your original pair, and wait for your refund, before you order another size to try. 

Option B takes more time and runs the risk of the original pair fitting better. Option B is for customers who don’t want two outstanding charges on their credit card.

Instructions for ordering your replacement pair: 

  1. Order your replacement on
  2. We send out replacements for free, so use discount code INTL-EXCH and shipping will be $0.
  3. If the current price is higher than what you paid at pre-order, REPLY to your order confirmation with your original order # and price paid. we'll refund the difference. 
  4. We apologize in advance, but we can’t change the declared value or mark it as anything other than Merchandise. We don’t want to risk federal prosecution from our government, or your government banning us from doing business in your country.

Instructions for returning your current pair.

1) Make sure shoes are CLEAN, like New

Unlike other shoe companies, we're okay with you wearing your shoes outside! Just make sure you clean off any dirt or mud before sending them back. Common courtesy, right?

If necessary, your local cobbler can make them good as new with a clean, condition, and shine.

  • Wrinkles? Okay! It's practically unavoidable.
  • Dirt or mud? Not Okay! Please clean this off.
  • Scuffs? Not Okay! Please have these buffed out. Your local cobbler is great at this.
  • Deep cuts or scratches? Never Okay! If you return shoes with deep cuts or scratches, you will lose your refund and your shoes.

2) Pack the items for Return

Include the original packing slip, or a slip of paper with your order number, so we can identify the return, and refund your money.

Make sure the LEFT shoe tree goes into the LEFT shoe, and the RIGHT shoe tree goes into the RIGHT shoe. Incorrectly switching the shoe trees can permanently distort your shoes, and forfeit your refund.

3) Return Address

Send the returning pair of shoes to:

James and James Fulfilment Ltd,
Liliput Road,
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1604 968 820 

4) Protect your return

Carets takes responsibility for carrier mistakes when we ship to you, but not for returns when you ship to us. 

At the very least, you'll want to take a photo of your receipt and/or label, to save the tracking number.

And since it’s a high-value package, consider insuring your return.

5) Refund

Please allow 10 business days once the item is received to process your refund. Refunds will be made to the original payment method. You will receive an email confirming your refund. 

Thank You!

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