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Pre-Order Status / ETA?

Update Jul 5: The shoes we're transferring have been picked and packed at the US warehouse. We are scheduling a pickup for this coming week. Before COVID, these transfers took 6-10 days from leaving the origin warehouse until they were ready to ship at the destination warehouse. With COVID, this will likely take longer.


Update Jun 22: We were finally able to locate the missing inventory last week. The problem was that the barcodes show a different code when scanned than printed, so they have to relabel them for us. With the missing inventory located, we've requested an inventory transfer on June 19. We are still waiting for the origins warehouse to confirm and give us a timeline on when they can have it out the door. 


Update Jun 1: A lot of our inventory is still missing at the US fulfillment center. When the merger was announced, we were assured a smooth transition. But the reality has been chaos (if you’d like a chuckle, you can see what other clients are saying on their Yelp). They have been responding to some of our other emails, but not responding to our emails about the missing inventory. This is obviously a serious concern for us as well, so we will continue to follow up.


Update May 13: We've successfully synced our new US fulfillment center's systems with our ecommerce systems. However, the system is not showing the bulk of our inventory, even though it should all be there physically. We are working with support to find it and get it shipped to you ASAP.


Update May 10: Our 3rd-party fulfillment center was acquired, and they are consolidating operations. We are still working things out in the transition. We hope to initiate a transfer of goods to the UK by next week.


Update April 27: Our shipment arrived at our 3rd-party fulfillment center in the US last week, and it has been partially received today. Once it's completely received, we will forward a portion to the UK.

Once the goods arrive at our UK warehouse, we will reach out to you to confirm your address. Once you've confirmed your address and the goods are stocked, you will get a shipping confirmation email with tracking number.


Update March 27: Our original plan was to send a part of our latest production run directly to the UK, as we had before.

With COVID-19, many Mexican factories are closed. Our factory was thankfully able to complete our purchase order, right before they closed. Unfortunately, the export process from MX to UK is more complicated than MX to US, and takes a couple days. There was not enough time left to complete the MX to UK paperwork. Instead, we are sending all of the PO to the US, then forwarding from US to UK.

Sending to US and then to UK adds extra costs, time, and work for us. However, we didn't want to risk the goods getting stuck in Mexico. Our factory plans to open again on April 20, but there is a risk it could last longer. Given the pandemic, this was the best move. My apologies for the delay, and any inconvenience or frustration we might have caused you.

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