Pre-Order Status / ETA?

Update May 28: The flights for our restock have been scheduled. It will go from Mexico City to Paris on May 31, then from Paris to Munich on Jun 4. Land transportation from Munich to our warehouse in Mühldorf has been arranged, but we don't have an exact ETA yet. 

Update May 24: There were delays with paperwork. The restock is at the airport awaiting flight.

Update May 5: The restock has been picked up.

Update May 1: Inspection is complete. Pickup from the factory is scheduled for Monday, May 3.

Update Apr 19: Our quality inspector fell ill, but he is thankfully okay now. Quality inspection should complete on April 20.

Update Apr 7: The completion date for these shoes was revised to April 16. From there, it takes at least 1.5 weeks to go from: quality inspection > shipping dock > Mexico-USA border > your 3PL receiving > 3PL fulfillment > carrier > you. Because of the number of independent parties involved, we cannot give an exact date. We will continue updating this page until the shoes are shipping to customers.

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