No Complimentary Shoe Trees?

A note from our Founder: From the very beginning, I included complimentary shoe trees. I knew that most of our customers would be like me when I first started: knowledgeable about barefoot, but not so knowledgeable about dress shoes. I learned early on how critical shoe trees are. Since I could get them at wholesale prices, I included them for free.

When COVID hit, we got rocked, hard. At its worst, sales dried to a trickle, of just 4%. By June, we were running out of money. We had to make the difficult choice to dramatically drop our prices to stay in the game. With that huge cut in margin, we could not include trees for free anymore.

I knew logically that this only meant we were operating in line with other shoe companies. However, it still hurt my heart to do that. 

In the end, what makes us special to customers are our shoes, not our shoe trees. If we have to sacrifice complimentary shoe trees, to continue supplying the world with our great dress shoes, then that's the hard choice we must make. 

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